Basic Internet Leased Line

Fiber Internet use is the demand of time in this century for business owners to full fill. Fiber Internet has become the most effective and essential communication tool for both large & small enterprises. Slow internet speeds not just impact Business efficiency, but also create dissatisfaction to both external & internal customers. The end objective for any organization is to deliver “High Quality Service to Customer” but due to low internet bandwidth, business critical internet applications may get impacted, thus impacting customer experience. Linkwave Leased Line Solution offers you more feature than what a standard broadband connection or other has to offer.

Basic Internet Leased Line Features:

We act as Advisors Not A Sales Rep:

Linkwave understands that its Internet Leased line solution is an investment for Business. And that's why we personnel acts more as an Advisor than just a sales representative. We goes an extra mile in understanding your needs and then crafting the right solution for you.

Multiple Speed Options So Choose What You Need:

We understand that different organization & Businesses may have different internet needs. So, we offer a wide range of dedicated internet speeds starting from 1Mbps to 1Gbps.


LTPL offer Internet Leased Line service to Business Customers over fibre network preferably. We do have Other media options too like wireless radios, and copper.

High Uptime:

LTPL provides an Uptime of 99.5% with internet redundancy.

Sharing Ration:

LTPL Internet Leased Line is offered with Sharing Ratio of 1:1.

24x7 Technical Support:

Our dedicated Technical Team is always available, 24×7 Customer Care Support along with Dedicated Relationship Manager.

What's New!!

As a Internet Leased Line customer, you get the option of enjoying the benefits of Smart ILL at no extra cost. Smart ILL features help increase the effective throughput of your ILL connection by up to 60%, without spending anything extra. To Know more please check Smart Internet Leased Line Section.