Seasonal/OnDemand Leased Line

At Linkwave we constantly keep working towards providing the best value to customers.

We understand that bandwidth demand is not consistent over the year & changes dynamically, as a step forward we now offer Seasonal Leased Lines. The first of its kind for our valued customers.

Seasonal/OnDemand Leased Line:

What is Seasonal/OnDemand Bandwidth?

We offer bandwidth solutions to customers as per the varying requirement throughout the course of the year, this may be in the space of seasonality businesses like Hotels & Hostels where the demand changes dynamically or where a business has an immediate bandwidth demand for a very short period for some projects/ special events etc.

The customer is charged on the basis of the varying bandwidth requirement resulting in huge cost savings for them.

Who Should apply for Seasonal/OnDemand Bandwidth?

Anyone who is into seasonality business or somebody with erratic internet usage behavior should opt for Seasonal leased Line.

How to Apply?

Just call our Bandwidth advisors at 0135-6611111 & we will assist you with the best suited plan for your business.