Smart Leased Line

An Fiber Internet Leased Line is usually a dedicated line which offers direct connectivity to the internet, Most Businesses face a common challenge of “bandwidth speed being low or critical internet based business applications not working”. unproductive internet traffic eat-up 40-50% of enterprise Internet Leased Line affecting the performance of key critical IT applications like video conferencing, latency sensitive traffic, office email and also the experience of productive internet office usage. Expensive tools have limited functionality and mostly fail to contain the file-sharing applications. To overcome from this situation Linkwave offer Smart ILL.

Smart Leased Line:

What Is Smart ILL With QoS?

Smart ILL, with the help of QoS (Quality of Service) enables you to optimize and manage your bandwidth by blocking unproductive traffic and prioritizing mission critical applications. As a special benefit, Linkwave Customers on Basic ILL, can upgrade to Smart ILL.

What QoS Does?

1. Quality of Service (QoS) is an advanced feature that prioritizes internet traffic for applications, Emailing, Video and Audio Streaming, VOIP, or specified MAC addresses to minimize the impact of busy bandwidth. It block unproductive/ bad traffic and optimize the bandwidth throughput and saves up to 40% bandwidth.

In an enterprise, different applications compete for the same limited bandwidth resource, in which low-importance bandwidth-hungry traffic consume the maximum bandwidth, leaving the enterprise unsatisfied with the Internet experience. The more it increases the bandwidth, more the bad traffic increases. It is found that unproductive traffic – file-sharing torrents, internet gaming, internet videos, live internet streaming content (live news, live cricket), social networking, personal stock-trading, etc – consumes 40-50% of the enterprise’s total bandwidth.

Linkwave Smart ILL enables you to block or limit access to unproductive traffic (based on protocol, URL, IP Address) and thus, effectively increases the bandwidth for productive work by 60% – 100%.

2. Prioritize bandwidth usage

Even without blocking, Linkwave Smart ILL can be used for prioritizing business critical and latency sensitive applications over general applications.

3. Analytics & Reporting to Check Your Network Usage:

Linkwave Smart ILL gives you graphical report* of the network usage by protocol, application, URL etc, and comes with the tools to manage, prioritize & optimize the bandwidth usage.

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